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Julius Evola - Introduction to Magic: Rituals and Practical Techniques for the Magus

This post is thank's to Arcturus who kindly shared the link with us!!

This is a basic book by Julius Evola, where the rites, practices, and texts collected by the mysterious UR group for the use of aspiring mages.

• Rare Hermetic texts published in English for the first time.

• Includes instructions for developing psychic and magical powers.

In 1927 Julius Evola and other leading Italian intellectuals formed the mysterious UR group. Their goal: to bring their individual egos into a state of superhuman power and awareness in which they could act "magically" on the world. Their methods: the practice of ancient Tantric and Buddhist rituals and the study of rare Hermetic texts. So successful were they that rumors spread throughout Italy of the group's power, and Mussolini himself became quite fearful of them. Now for the first time in English Introduction to Magic collects the rites, practices, and knowledge of the UR group for the use of aspiring mages.

Included in Introduction to Magic are instructions for creating an etheric double, speaking words of power, using fragrances, interacting with entities, and creating a "magical chain." Among the arcane texts translated are the Tibetan teachings of the Thunderbolt Diamond Path, the Mithraic mystery cult's "Grand Papyrus of Paris," and the Greco-Egyptian magical text De Mysteriis. Anyone who has exhausted the possibilities of the mundane world and is ready to take the steps necessary to purify the soul in the light of knowledge and the fire of dedication will find a number of expert mentors here.


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Stephen Mace - "Shaping Formless Fire: Distilling the Quintessence of Magick"

Magick depends upon no abstract philosophies, and doing it requires neither devotion to any god or demon nor knowledge of the True Keys of the Mysteries. Instead it is a technique for recognizing and manipulating psychic energy, both within the psyche and outside it, and for acquiring the mental skills we need to do this effectively. If the details of this technique can seem involved, well, the psyche is a complicated instrument, and psychic energy is slippery stuff to deal with. We must learn to manage it within our psyches and also to split it off so it can act independently to produce the "meaningful coincidences" we require.

 Magick is a psychic technology, a collection of observations about psychic energy and the techniques for manipulating it. Shaping Formless Fire presents these with a simple elegance that contradicts the notion that Magick must remain a hidden art. There is psychic energy with us and all around us. We use its power to make our worlds, and to master it is to learn how to make the worlds we require. To see it as merely the way we perceive the world is to put ourselves at its mercy, and forfeit its power. (From


On reality: Ways of knowing

Pretend, for a moment, that the Internet represents reality — the universe, all that exists and ever will exist. No one knows exactly what the Internet really looks like. How the Internet appears to any given user depends on the physical properties of the computer he or she uses to access it. A user who has only viewed the Internet through a monochrome computer that just displays text does not even have the concept of an Internet with graphics and colors. To him or her, “reality” is black and white and full of words. If this user never comes into contact with someone who views the Internet through a graphics-capable computer, the concept of graphics will never be known to him or her. Infact, he or she would never even know they aren’t seeing the “full” reality.

Likewise, any theory this monochrome, text-only user develops about the Internet (“reality”) will certainy not be the entire story, because he or she is unware that the story is incomplete. There is nothing in the monochrome, text-only user’s reality that matches the experience of the graphic user’s reality.

This exercise is designed to serve as a (crude) analogy to our own situations as humans trying to figure out the meaning of our existence in what we call “reality.” It seems as though we have it figured out, that the information we gather through our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin is full and complete — but is it? How much of the full picture do our senses give us? Are we like the graphical Internet user, who sees all the bells and whistles? Or are we like the monochrome, text-only Internet user whose sees only black and white; text and no images? How much, if any, information in reality are we missing because we lack a sensory organ to detect it?

As humans, it’s easy for us to apply human characteristics and perspectives on almost anything we encounter, and place human labels on every function that other organisms have that are similar to ours. But we must remember that we, like the monochrome, text-only Internet user, may be limited in our view of the world. Everything that we know (or think we know) could actually be false, incorrect and outlandish, because we may not be not getting the whole story. Will we ever get the full story? Are we even meant to know the full story? Only time will tell…

 “Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

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Miles Hingston's RealiTTY [DVDrip - 18 XviD] (Documentary)

This is it:

Have spend the day yesterday uploading this. It is a huge file (2,30GB); however, worth every second you're spending to download it.

P.S - Some of these videos you can see for in Youtube. I suggest you watch the two videos bellow before downloading the files, so you can decide better if you want to download the complete videos or not..

RealiTTY: The Art of Magick and the Magick of Art (Part 1)

RealiTTY: The Art of Magick and the Magick of Art (Part 2)

Content of the files

01 - Introduction and Disclaimer

02 - The Inauthenticity of Science:

This first section is a little rant against science (sorry, but it had it coming). Science should not be our authority, it takes it upon itself to dissect the natural World and in doing so it bastardizes nature into objects that can be experimented with. It continues to dominate our World view with its inertia and therefore closes us off to the World, it stifles creativity. The same can be said of institutionalized academia, with all their hierarchies and bureaucracy.

03 - A Brief Detour into Quantum Physics:

For around the past 400 years, the understated assumption of established science has been that no human qualities of consciousness, intention, emotion, mind or spirit can significantly influence a well-designed target experiment in physical reality. Quantum Physics suggests otherwise, where the laws of causality and logic breakdown.

04 - Information and Simulated Reality:

As quantum theory has slowly emerged new theories of everything (TOE) have come to the forefront. Digital Physics is one such theory which supposedly undercuts M-theory with Occam's Razor as it is a simpler theory and does not require the existence of higher dimensions to explain away everything.

05 - The Shape of Information:

Information is like a "meta-substance" if you like (meta meaning beyond or above), yet it is embedded in the metaphor we choose to describe it by. Consider that the subatomic particles and quantum processes which scientists describe are what shamanistic and ancient cultures would consider spirits and deities.

Biocentrism is really just a modern reinterpretation of an Animistic or Pantheistic World view. Just like how Digital Philosophy is really just a modern version of Gnosticism but using different metaphors. It is easy to overlook how certain seemingly unshakable and universally held truths, in the end, turn out to be nothing more than memes.

06 - Thoughts and Illusions:

Think of the human brain like a radio transmitter/receiver, the brain is tuned in to a small spectrum of reality. It then further filters this in order to make our reality seem more congruent. My own experiences with psychedelics lead me to consider that there are different frequencies which the brain can tune in to and in doing so it is possible to pick up other "alien" realities, after all, all dimensions are occupying the same space. It is impossible for us to know an "objective reality", we are in a very real sense encased within a bubble, a cocoon, our nervous system is a buffer into the void of ultimate mystery, even science has it's limits in what it can explain phenomenologically.

07 - Language and Reality:

Language is the medium by which we transmit our thoughts. The language we use to communicate does fundamentally affect how we see the World, language structures thought to at least the same degree that it reflects thought. For the most part, we live in a world constructed by language. What and how we see the world is tied directly to how we describe it. Linguistic relativity was first suggested by Edward Sapir and Benamin Lee Whorf when they noticed that differences in language reflect the different views of different people.

08 - Symbolic Representation:

Robert Anton Wilson once remarked that "we are trapped in linguistic constructs, the only reality we know is the one we manufacture". We are immersed within a culture of symbols, as Goethe said "everything is a symbol", this woeful abstraction and sheathing of the reality destroys the outer World and fills the inner World with emptiness. The more involved this internal representational system is, the more distanced we are from the reality around us. Other connections and cognitive perspectives are inhibited and substituted by the alienation of symbolic representation.

09 - Meme Morphing Machines:

A meme is a cognitive or behavioural pattern that can be transmitted from one individual to another one, because of this they are often called "mind viruses". For example looking both ways before you cross the road is a meme. In general memes do not work on your rational mind but rather they affect your unconscious, emotionally entangled, decision-making processes. Another way of thinking about memes is as ideas or neoligisms that distribute themselves through a population. In a very real sense we are a collection of other peoples' minds. Memes become the entrenched thoughts and behavioural characteristics of our personalities. Since ideas get fixed in our minds they become our reality, often for our entire lives.

10 - DNA, Language and the I Ching:

The structure of DNA as we know it is made up of "letters" (represented by the base pairs ATCG). These form "words" that are instructions to build an amino acid compound. There are 64 such "words" and one or more of these words represent the instruction and information necessary to create one of the 22 amino acids used to create the protein structure of a living body. You could say our bodies are made up of a living language.

11 - The Art of Magick and the Magick of Art:

Aleister Crowley defined magick as "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will". After all if the universe is affected by our will as suggested by quantum physics then we are able to change the probabilities of an outcome. The general practice of "magick" in simple terms involves the ritualistic creation and manipulation of symbols and correspondences. For example the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet correspond to the 22 cards of the major arcana within the tarot and to the 22 paths within the kabblistic tree of life. Mind is not separate from reality, nor is reality separate from the semiotic spaces it inhabits. Reality is symbolic at a more fundamental level than of a quantum nature, manipulating symbols manipulates the semiotic spaces therefore by changing the way we think about things we change reality because we are changing the language of the mind.

12 - Newspeak and Subliminals:

In George Orwell's classic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, Newspeak is a prominent example of linguistic determinism. Orwell himself said that if humans cannot form the words to express the ideas underlying revolution, then they cannot revolt. All of the theory of newspeak is aimed at eliminating such words, for example "bad" is replaced by "ungood" and the concept of freedom is eliminated over time. The result of the adoption of such a language is that heretical thought should be literally unthinkable, at least so far as thought is dependant on words. After all, we cannot define a new word without using words that have already created.

13 - The Word:

Many of the creation stories teach that the World was created through a word or sound. The New Testament says "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God". In the cosmology of the Hopi, the sun god and earth goddess chant life into being. The Hindu scriptures teach us that AUM is the sacred syllable from which the entire universe was created. In fact the word uni-verse means one phrase.

14 - Codes and Ciphers:

Modern English was created/written down approximately 500 years ago by a collective group of high priests and scribes, namely Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucian Order. It was constructed according to the King James Bible to help guard the truth of ancient astrologer priests. They supposedly added around 160,000 new words in Shakespeare's time. Since they were the only ones who could read and write/right, the high priests and adepts of the mysteries passed down language to the illiterate peasants.

15 - Cymatics and Sacred Geometry:

Sacred geometry was preserved throughout history in Freemasonic circles since it was believed to be important knowledge revealing the secrets of our universe.

The secret of sacred geometry is that vibrations (sounds) form on geometrical patterns. Goethe reputedly said that indeed "geometry is frozen music". Music is geometry and geometry is music! The basis of the universe is form and pattern. Both our organs of perception and the phenomenal world we perceive seem to be best understood as systems of pure pattern, or as geometric structures of form and proportion. Due to this many ancient cultures chose to examine reality through the metaphors of geometry and music. Sound like word and rhythm forms the trinity of the shamanic power of language. Sounds of a certain octave is reputedly able to produce psychic, psychological, or emotional effects and also freeze water, kill a man or break down walls as in the biblical legend of Jericho.

16 - Hyperdimensional Reality and Syncromysticism:

In the 1560's John Dee discovered the idea of the 4th dimension. In one of Dee's documents a series of seals were found which when put together form a cube within a cube. He realized that this was the secret to higher orders of information and knowledge. In the 19th Century theoretical non-Euclidean geometries were investigated by physicists. Richard Hoagland explains in his paper entitled Hubble's New Runaway Planet, the forgotten 19th Century scientific theories of Hyperdimensional Physics. These theories were initially proposed over a hundred years ago by various scientists and were updated in the 20th Century by Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell. In a nutshell, what HD physics tells us is that 3D reality is only a subset of a series of hyperspatial dimensions which control the physics of our very existence, from stars to galaxies to life itself. The physics is itself based on geometric and mathematical foundations which involves other spatial dimensions. Hyperdimensionality doesn't invalidate the digital model of the universe, it could well be that dimensions are like an onion ring of "virtual machines" or sub-logos within the Logos to use a more Gnostic concept.

17 - Cosmic Cycles of Time:

Perhaps one of the things which we are most ignorant of in our current culture is our understanding of the quality of cyclical time, the (pi)eces of the Zodiac. Cyclical history leads naturally to the concept of eternal recurrence, the exact repetition of events in time, which could be thought of as echoes which reverberate through time as a fractal image. In fact Chaos Theory came to fruition after Benoît Mandelbrot discovered that there is a hidden mathematical order in the seemingly random order of price fluctuations for cotton. It baffled economists, who couldn't believe that something like the price of cotton could be predicted.

18 - Addendum and Closing Remarks:

I hope at the very least that this gives people some new things to think about. It is somewhat ironic that in formulating my ideas into a book it gives me the ability to untangle my ideas, yet at the same time I am trying to expose "The Word" using "The Word". Words are a double-edged sword. WORDS = SWORD.

Download links:

(Part 1)
(Part 2)
(Part 3)
(Part 4)
(Part 5)
(Part 6)

(Plus PDF Document, wich is not available on TOB)

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Stephen Sennitt - "The Infernal Texts: Nox and Liber Koth"

Both NOX and Liber Koth were briefly published as booklets in the mid-1990's by Logos Press and have remained in high demand ever since -- especially by those interested in Chaos Magick. Now, Falcon has made them available in a single volume.

NOX includes 22 Infernal Texts from the Order of Nine Angles, the Werewolf Order, and the Esoteric Order of Dagon by such notables as Phil Hine, Anton Long and Stephen Sennitt. The diverse topics range from "Satanism, Blasphemy & The Black Mass" to "Lovecraft & The Dark Gods"; from "Are You a Werewolf?" to "The Rite of the Dark Star."

Liber Koth is a revolutionary synthesis of Dark magical currents which goes beyond all restrictions and takes us a step closer to Greater Reality. Liber Koth is a book of invocations. It utilizes Lovecraftian symbology including Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, Cthulhu, Tsathogua, and others. "No one can undergo this experience unchanged. It is the culmination of the circle manifestation which the wheel of chaos (Koth) represents." (From


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Joseph C. Lisiewski - "Howlings from the Pit: A Practical Handbook of Medieval Magic,Goetia & Theurgy"

Joseph C. Lisiewski, Ph.D. is a noted physicist involved in the study of the Relativistic SpaceTime Continuum, and the new physics that is exploring possibility of physical time travel. A personal friend and student of both Israel Regardie and the famous Alchemist, Frater Albertus for many years, his numerous published papers on both of their teachings, and on his own forty years of practice in both Magic and Alchemy, has helped many along their own Paths.

Howlings from the Pit may be Dr. Lisiewski's finest work to date. For both the beginning and advanced students of occultism, it lays bare what practical magic is all about. A veritable modern magical 'grammar,' Howlings takes the reader step-by-step through the mental, psychological and physical preparations required by the 'Fathers of the Grimoires', the authors of the classical books on ceremonial magic which include The Heptameron, The Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon, The Sword of Moses and others. Dr. Lisiewski clarifies dozens of technical points critical to successful magical operations, including the most feared and desired one: evoking a spirit to physical manifestation. Alchemy, mysticism and even modern Science of Mind and New Thought are all examined in their relationship to Medieval magic.

 In addition, Mark Stavish's editing and extensive commentary on the original text, places the material in the context of the magical and philosophical traditions of both East and West, thereby adding valuable insight into the nature of magic as a living tradition. (From


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Al G. Manning - "The Magic of New Ishtar Power"

Not quite sure about what is true and what is myth when the things goes to this book from Al G. Manning.
I mean, I have already heard that this is one of the best books on magick ever written. It is higly well quoted, and the only things that I read about it is that it is "good", and "creepy".

On the "creepy" issue, I think it is worth paste a record of someone who applied the techniques described on this book regarding the Ishtar seal:

"(...) There is a pattern for drawing an "Ishtar Power Star" which is basically a magical seal. It's creepy -- the thing actually generates heat! I drew one and could feel it even when my hand was just passing it over to erase the pencil marks. The book also focuses a lot on chakras, which I didn't used to really believe in, but actually the book explained it in a way that makes sense and actually does seem to get results -- like I found my heart chakra was really badly blocked, and that's the chakra you need to open to improve things like money, progress, and other things. Once I got that done I started getting a lot of business. "

Well.. it sounds quite intriguing, huh...?

Anyway, If someone here tries it - or has already experience with it - please, tell us!!

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