sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2011

"The Grimoire of Vokaor" - Katara Zunmir

Now, this is a quite interesting work!

Vokaor is an original magical system using the "Primals" of Void, Chaos, Order, Energy, Matter, and Consciousness. This grimoire is intended to give any interested magician the tools needed to use Vokaor and a context for it, beginning with a cosmology and providing the building blocks for the system and how it can mesh with the Great Web of the universe.

I must say that this little book has in it pages, the true concept of what should be the true Chaos magick, since Ms. Katara Zunmir has created a brand new magickal  system. It is worth reading the introduction to understand some concepts that a lot of Chaoist says, but only a few really understand.


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